It is a Facebook Game Application that we prepare for the TerraCity Shopping Mall on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day.(Advergame)

Within the scope of fiction of Advergame, Participants are asked to sign in the application with their data via Facebook page. After  the participant completes succesfully to participate, s/he aims to enlarge ‘’heart’’ in  the game with the help of the sources given. Participant needs more sources to be able to get bigger heart and also the participant must invite more friends to game to be able to get more sources. Additionaly, the participant can get bonus sources by sharing in his/her own wall. At the end of the period, the first three participants that get the biggest heart won a predetermined prize and the first fifty participants in ranking won home delivery flower award.

At the end of the period, in My Heart with You that 1.145 online participants ranked  among, it was confirmed that the total number of the admitted invitation among the participants is 3.199.  All these numbers provided an increse in positive rates in the number of the followers,access and interaction of TerraCity Shopping Mall Facebook Page.