Our customer's need; It is a work of a launch (trailer) film for "OCTOS Sense" which runs on an intelligent algorithm and developed for cold storage depots. 

We have ripped the launch idea in order to tell you how Octosense is saving energy up to 70% s with its intelligent software. Related to the importance of energy saving through world conjuncture and the necessity of high quality cooling for the products that are stored in cold storage depots, we have studied numerous research results.So as we found out that one of the two products produced throughout the world was lost and a lot of energy was spent to store the other. There are questions such as, what is the difference of this product, which r&d unit of Octosense has developed, from the standard cooling depots. How does this product provide energy saving and what are the ease of use of this device? We replied these questions by our film...

The launch film we made for Octosense, is developed as a marketing argument with the motto: "use your energy correctly" and it has the opportunity to express the work done in a very simple manner.