To define briefly, is a social voting platform. It has a wide range of content from brands and products to restaurants, from columnists to artists, and from politicians to transportation vehicles. asks its users upon a single content about whether or not they like the content. It is possible to sign up via Facebook or its own membership form.

You are not required to be a member to be able to vote, but it is required to see or make comments.

It has a responsive design. The contents in the platform can be reached through hashtags and search engine. Up to June 2015, there have been more than 3 million votes in platform. Every month, 5000 new contents are created in the platform and these new contents hit more than 25.000 shares and more than 100.000 interactions on Facebook and Twitter. 80 percent of the visitors to the platform is composed of users between ages 18 and 35.

And 60 percent of these users visit the platform via their mobiles and 55 percent of them are women.

Creative and viral lists including the products and services that the customers want to feature are served through Publisher platform to the social networks.

Through Facebook pages with more than 12 million followers, having the highest number of interactions in Turkey and through Twitter celebs, the lists are spread through social networks.