TerraCity shopping center is popular with its excellent location in Antalya. TerraCity knew that consumers were using social media to get latest news about fashion. TerraCity wanted to reach customers with the latest social media marketing trends for their retailers and they wanted to reach target customers for creative content but needed to do so in the right way.

We developed a long-term strategy and we have two goals; find new platforms for promote TerraCity news and create a content strategy for social platforms. So, we decided to create a blog, named TerraCity Trends. We give latest fashion news, shopping center’s events/news, etc. for blog readers.

TerraCity’s Facebook fans became active blog readers in a short time. TerraCity’s retailers consistently receive lots of Facebook comments and phone calls from TerraCity Trends readers about our posts.

On the content side we created lots of creative content for TerraCity fan page. These contents include contest that who like TerraCity’s post. Each of the content reached over 5.000 Facebook users via viral reach. In other words, TerraCity fans liked, shared TerraCity’s posts, their friends saw its posts even if they aren’t fans of TerraCity page.


- Readers spent lots of time on TerraCity Trends

- Blog became a trendsetter for the local shoppers

- Boomsocial report for shopping centers showed us our content is top of the list