Wooddemo  specialise in bringing selected woods from across the globe.

Woodemo management team contacted us and they asked us to help them build their first website. Also Wooddemo management team said us the site needed to be simple to manage and update.

First of all we suggested them the site design that offers a better understanding to customers about their products and we suggested them the site will be accessible to search engines.

So we have two goals;

- To create user friendly web site for customers and Wooddemo team and increase visibility of the Wooddemo site in search for digital pr.

We used CMS for designing web site (a content management system).  CMS can be a great solution for Wooddemo management team. The reason is, it is easy to use by anyone and without any technical skills.

- Also we optimized the site for search (SEO). 

On the keyword side we targeted “wood things”, “wood for architects”, “wood collection” “wood world’’. Also we targeted wood forums, wood sector websites, architects websites etc. to create interest. Our work helped us make decisions for digital PR like whether we should target. Google shows us that visitors who landed on the Wooddemo site through these keywords searches stayed longer on website.


- Products reach target customers and they have an idea about Wooddemo