Barut Hotels are a giant army of happiness with over 2400 professional employees. Estimate the magnitude of Barut hotels with over 150.000 guests visiting every year and the ratio of almost half of them comes from returning guests. 

Barut Lara is ranked 229 hotels on Tripadvisor in Antalya and for this achievement we've created contents off all the social media accounts in this direction.

Our first aim is with the advent of various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, startups now prefer to keep their audience updated online. For us, Social Media is all about building relationships, and networking with the audience. In this case we have created some interactive contents with focused on content marketing. We also provided digital reputation management of the brand on platforms such as HolidayCheck, Tripadvisor, Otelpuan etc.

On Barut Hotels Facebook Page we always focused on responding and answering customer concerns on Facebook a guarantee to respond within 1-24 hours. The goal here is about getting this community support is that there’s a genuine credibility when fans endorse our brand.

We organized birthdays and wedding anniversary  celebrations at hotels during their holidays with Facebook requests by customers in  a private messages and corporate with departments of Barut Hotels. 

We build a new Twitter  account and gained 2.700 new followers. We also include links to our Twitter handles from all appropriate blog posts. 

We created special Instagram hastag named #ilovebaruthotels and featured on Barut Hotels  Facebook Page for all users. The guests are taking their shots during their holiday than sharing on Instagram and also they can see this pictures by #baruthotels hastag on Facebook. By this impressing application today we reached 1.750 followers on Instagram.


- Gained 2.700 new Twitter followers

- Reached 1.750 followers on Instagram